Live the thrill and adventure of being a teenaged private investigator fighting for truth and justice! Solve puzzling cases by playing through fun minigames and brain teasers. Use your wit to follow leads, discover clues, take photographs, question witnesses; it’s up to YOU to solve the ultimate mystery!
Become a Detective – Play as Kirsten Spark, a smart and independent 14 year old student at Summer Hill High School. Use your sharp sixth sense and investigative skills to clear your school from bullies and your town from bandits.

I’ve worked on this game from conception to it’s release as a game designer.


What I worked on:

    • Designed some minigames, and prototyped them with a programmer and artist, helping with the signs and feedbacks.
    • Tweaked the game features, optimizing gameplay
    • Managed the difficulty curve and game progression
  • QA
    • Responsible for the game tests, achieving a “solid go” in the first submission for Nintendo TRC