Blood & Glory is a free-to-play fighting game for iOS and Android developed by Glu Mobile Sao Paulo Studios, Brazil. You play as a gladiator in the arena, fighting for life and fame. The player can do fast sword attacks by swipping the screen, dodge or block incoming attacks, use potions to boost attack/defense and build up the battle gauge to unleash super attacks.

I’ve worked on this project for nearly a year, since its conception to release. In this project I’ve filled the role of both Creative Director and Lead Game Designer. This game was a major turning point for Glu Mobile been one of the most successful games at the time and also one of the first AAA Freemium game on the market both in terms of content and graphics.


What I worked on:

    • Created the game conception and pitched to management
    • Designed the game structure & game mechanics
    • Prototyped the core combat system
    • Designed the game progression
    • Created and balanced the game economy
    • Created excell sheets to simulate the progression and economy and validate values prior to the game release
  • AI
    • Designed the enemy fightstyles
    • Designed the enemy combos/attack behaviors
    • Tweaked enemy AI difficulty
    • Defined the entire monetization plan
    • Items pricing & progression