Hello world with prototyping 101 – PART 3

Hello! So its time for the last post on prototyping 101. I hope you guys liked it as much as I liked writing about it.   Before you show it, read the next part of the post. There are a couple of rules for when to show and how. Only show your prototype AFTER you finish it and you are happy with the result. Showing the prototype before its finished can lead to: Prototype discontinuation of a promising feature Non-technical discussions leading to “I think that….” Changes to the feature that will spoil…continue reading →

Hello world with prototyping 101 – PART 2

Hello! I'm back! Last post we talked about how to organize our game ideas so you can find the gameplay blocks to then define what to prototype and whats the role of designers and programmers on it. Now we will go through the iteration process.   Before we go for the iteration steps, establish a goal for the prototype. That’s where you are going for. Try setting a solid goal that leave space for changes and remember, the goal should always result in FUN. That’s the main purpose of the prototype. Example: Let’s say…continue reading →

Hello world with prototyping 101 – PART 1

I`m going to start my blog with a post about one of the most important subjects that comes to mind when I think about game design, which is making prototypes. Prototyping in game design is validating a gameplay idea prior to the feature`s implementation in the actual game by iterating and finding if it’s FUN.   Don`t worry! It’s actually very simple to decide. Think like this: making a game is like solving a big problem. Start by figuring out what your game is about. What do I do in the game? Define what’s…continue reading →