nicholasMy name is Nicholas Souza and I am a senior game designer currently working at Ubisoft Montreal on a undisclosed project. I’m in the games industry for 13 years having designed portable games (DS, PSP), freemium mobile games and AAA games. I love all sorts of digital games and boardgames (I have a small collection of them BTW )

Currently living in: Montreal, QC – Canada

Languages: Portuguese (native), English (fluent), French (Intermediate)

Skype ID: nlsouza


2012 – Current  Team Lead Game Design

Ubisoft – Montreal (From November 2012 – Current)

  • Team Lead Game Design: Roller Champions (XBOX ONE, PLAYSTATION 4, NINTENDO SWITCH, PC)
  • Leading the design team overlooking 3Cs, Monetization, Economy and Progression.
  • Senior Game Designer: Watchdogs: Legion (XBOX ONE, PLAYSTATION 4, XBOX X, PLAYSTATION5, PC)
  • Designed all the drone AI archetypes in the game and 3Cs (camera, character and control)
  • Worked on all the game weapons & created excel balancing tables integrated with the editor for fast iteration.
  • Designed some core difficulty/progression systems
  • Designed the operative opswap feature
  • Senior Game Designer: Rainbow Six: Siege (XBOX ONE, PLAYSTATION 4, PC)
  • Designed all PVE Game modes
  • Worked on the AI archetypes, stimulus and reactions
  • Designed the AI Shooting System
  • Balanced the in-game economy & monetization
  • Worked with the monetization team on the overall monetization strategy
  • Game Designer: Mighty Quest of the Epic Loot (PC)
  • Prototyped new creatures and designed new creature abilities
  • Created core features in the game like creature crafting & weapon forge.
  • Economy & creature stats balancing

2010 – 2012  Game Designer

Glu Mobile – São Paulo (From November 2010 – February 2012)

  • Lead Game Designer: Blood & Glory (iOS, Android Devices)
  • Designer the game flow, game mechanics and game economy.
  • Prototyped core combat gameplay with 4 programmers.
  • Tweaked the difficulty curve & gameplay parameters.
  • Level designed the enemies and their fight styles

2008 – 2010  Game Designer

Ubisoft – São Paulo (From October 2008 – October 2010)

  • Lead Game Designer: Michael Jackson: The Experience (Nintendo DS, PSP)
  • Lead game designer of the projects in charge of 1 game designer.
  • Worked on the entire conception. Designed the game structure.
  • Did Rational Game Design, and prototyped the gameloop and score system with a programmer and artists.
  • Tweaked the difficulty curve and gameplay parameters.
  • Level designed half songs of both games.


  • 3DS Project (Canceled)
  • Worked as game designer for the conception of a game for Nintendo 3DS.


  • Imagine Detective (Nintendo DS)
  • Designed some minigames, and prototyped them with a programmer and artist, helping with the signs and feedbacks.
  • Tweaked the game features, optimizing gameplay.
  • Managed the difficulty curve and game progression.
  • Responsible for the game tests, achieving a “solid go” in the first submission for Nintendo TRC.

2007 – 2008   Game Designer

Imagine Play – São Paulo (From January 2007 – October 2008)

  • In charge of creating web advergames for several Brazilian companies.
  • Designed a serious game for a quality security consultant company.
  • Designed a mobile RPG game for the Brazilian market.

2006             Project Assistant

Level Up! Interactive – São Paulo (From June 2006 – September 2006)

  • In charge of analyzing MMOGs from foreign publishers leading a group of 15 testers and producing complete reports about each game suited for the Brazilian market.
  • Replaced the Ragnarök Product Manager for 1 month during his vacation, being responsible for the game’s maintenance, patches, and all the other Product Manager functions.

2004 – 2006     Quest Creation and Community Moderator

Level Up! Interactive – São Paulo (From July 2004 – May 2006)

  • In charge of more than 100 in-game quests creation for the MMORPG Ragnarök Online Brazilian servers. Designed several projects for consumer fidelity.
  • Companies’ administrator and moderator on the official forum of the game, analyzing and gathering suggestions for the in-game quests and other companies’ issues.
  • Direct contact with the Korean developers, issuing 4 scripted in-game events per month. One of the scripted quests “The suspect” has highly appraised by the developers and included in worldwide servers. Still one of the top 10 best Ragnarök in-game quests.